Interview with PALMS Proprietor Janna

Kelly: So Janna, congrats on launching, tell us why you decided to open PALMS?

Janna: It's kind of crazy, the short story is that I fell in love with the technology. As someone who has struggled to maintain a fit body it was just such a joy to find something that could help me get rid of stubborn fat - but that wasn't a drastic measure involving thousands of dollars and surgery. It's like after years of struggle I've been given a cheeky little cheat sheet and I love it! I wanted to share that. 

Kelly: that doesn't sound so crazy..

Janna: I guess not. It's just so far from what I ever thought I would be doing with my life, so it feels crazy to me!

Kelly: How did you come up with PALMS?

Janna: I was actually watching a Louis Theroux documentary. I think he is an amazing talent and so dedicated to his craft. In this particular show he actually goes and gets liposuction on himself. Personally I've always found it really distressing that people should feel so much pressure to look a certain way that they would cut themselves up and risk their health to achieve a body goal so I was very interested to get his take. I expected to watch the show and come out even more against the idea of plastic surgery but instead there was a small voice in my head going "If Louis did it I can do it" and so at 11pm one night I started googling liposuction... just to see and I stumbled upon this new technology called cryolipolysis. 

Cryo involves freezing the fat cells and then letting your body eliminate them through the liver in a natural process. So it's a walk in- walk-out procedure that if done by a reputable practitioner who doesn't cut corners has minimal risks and fantastic results. It sounded too good to be true to me.

A week later I mentioned it to a buddy of mine and found out that a friend from uni had opened a clinic in Bondi doing cryolipolysis. I was really intrigued so in the name of "research" I booked in for a session.

I was so stoked with the results that here I am, not even 3 months later opening my own clinic! It's really exciting and way more fun than I expected. So far, people have been really happily surprised with the process and the results. 

Kelly: So what kind of people do you see at the clinic?

Janna: All kinds. The main treatment I do is cryo and it's really good for eliminating stubborn fat - so pockets of fat that are hard to shift even with exercise and diet. For a lot of people this is on the belly (me!), arms or inner thighs. I'm not interested in churning out barbie dolls or promoting an unrealistic body image. I really just want to give people the same boost that I got from it. Like I said, it's like a cheat sheet. Look, this isn't going to stop you putting on weight if you go eat hot chips and gravy every day - but it is definitely going to help you shift stubborn fat. There's definitely vanity involved but at the same time, at least for me, I actually spend less time thinking about my body now and that's a very nice place to be. 

Kelly: So this is personal for you?

Janna: Haha yeah I guess it is! It's just really helped with my confidence. I'm a mum, and despite myself when I go to the beach with my son and there's other mums, or if my husbands friends are with us... I just always felt anxious about my belly and it really inhibited me. By eliminating the excess flab I just don't have that worry any more and it's awesome. Don't get me wrong I am not skin and bone, but the fat that bothered me most is gone and I am really happy about it. It's also helped me to kick start a healthier lifestyle in general because I started from a place where I already feel really good about myself. I'm really enjoying being able to do that for other people too.

Kelly: Well congrats! It sounds like you've found you're groove. 

Janna: Thank you.