86 Years Young

I met a beautiful woman yesterday, we'll call her Rose*. Rose has a slow and steady walk, beautiful, delicate skin and a beguiling warmth. 

At 86, Rose has developed a pouch of loose skin underneath her chin, her "waddle". It's come to bother her so much that Rose no longer socialises, finding it too embarrassing. Despite being warned of the risks, and the fact that other medications for serious age-related illnesses would need to be paused, Rose was seriously considering plastic surgery. 

Instead, Rose's granddaughter googled for alternatives and ended up finding Palms Body Clinic. Yesterday Rose had her first Radio Frequency skin tightening treatment with me - the first of 8. It took just an hour. We paused half way through to compare the treated side to the non-treated side and already there was a marked difference. 

I've had a tough week, it's been an uphill battle starting this business and I've learnt some hard-earned lessons along the way. It sounds cheesy to say but the smile on Rose's face brought tears to my eyes and made it all worth while. I spoke with her family this morning and found out Rose still has a spring in her step and is holder her head high, I couldn't be more pleased and I cannot wait to see the final results. Delivering a boost in confidence to people whose lives will be improved by it, is exactly what I want to be doing

Janna x

*name has been changed