HIFU BODY: Tighten skin and melt fat

HIFU body treatment.jpg
HIFU body treatment.jpg

HIFU BODY: Tighten skin and melt fat


Target stubborn fat and tighten skin on the belly, abdomen, flanks (hips) or bottom with the very latest technology has to offer. 

Available at the THIRROUL Palms Body Clinic location only.

Must be used within 3 months of purchase date.


No downtime. 

Treatment takes approx  1 hour. 

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Best for: Pockets of Stubborn Fat, Body Sculpting, Targeted Fat Removal with combined skin tightening.

3D-HIFU is the latest technology to target specific focused areas of fat in the fastest possible treatment time. This technology works by delivering focused energy at a depth of 1.3cm and 8mm to destroy fat cells. The high frequency of the ultrasound wave results in heating under the skin, effectively destroying the fat cells and tightening the skin in the area treated. The damaged cells are flushed away via a natural removal process through the lymphatic system that continues for up to 3 months.

How this tech works

The HIFU hand-piece delivers focussed ultrasound waves to a precise depth
to cause Necrosis of the fat cell. The controlled movement of the hand-piece results in a grid of treated fat cells. The high frequency of the ultrasound wave, results in rapid heating of the focal zone at 1.3cm and 8mm under the skin leaving the skins surface unaffected. This energy increases in temperature as it gets deeper within the skin due to the energy of the HIFU causing cellular friction. Exposing the fat cell to this high temperature causes rapid cell death (necrosis).

What areas can be improved with 3D-HIFU body?
This treatment is great for busting those unwanted stubborn pockets of fat. Recommended areas for treatment are typically: abdomen, flanks, hips, thighs and buttocks. Not recommended for arms or inner thighs (see cryolipolysis for these areas).

How many treatments are recommended?

A single treatment per area is recommended though some clients may find they want 2 or 3 for larger areas.